Insurance Claim Experts

Should I file an insurance claim?

This is a very difficult question to answer without performing an onsite inspection.  Any time you're considering an insurance claim, it is recommended to have a contractor that understands the insurance process do an inspection first. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! There are a ton of contractors to choose from and they may be extremely knowledgeable about roofing and/or siding and may do great work but in our experience very few have experience in understanding how insurance plays into the process.  This is where we can be a major asset to you.  If you meet with a contractor and they are not discussing the following items with you they are probably not the contractor you want to help you with the process:

-What kind of damage do you have? Wind, Hail, or Storm. What you say makes a difference when filing a claim.

-How much is your deductible? You may think that this is none of their business but withholding information from a contractor trying to help you make an informed decision will almost certainly negatively affect your experience. Any company offering to save your deductible is committing insurance fraud.

-Do you have building code coverage? This is extremely important because it could mean the difference in getting a full replacement approved or getting forced to accept a repair which if that is the case its typically not advised to file a claim. If you're not sure if you have the coverage or not, call your agent/insurer and have this info ready.

-What type of roof/siding do you have? Some shingles and siding are discontinued and can not be repaired.

-What is the supplement process? It isn't uncommon for an insurance company to approve only a small portion of your project or under value your claim and requesting a supplement is the process for requesting additional money that may be owed to you.

-Should my contractor meet the Insurance Adjuster for the inspection? It is recommended for the contractor to be there for the inspection. Is doesn't guarantee that your claim will be approved but it can help your chances. 

If you aren't having some or all of these conversations, chances are that contractor wont understand how to communicate with an insurance company. They might give you a great price on a roof/siding but if you could get a higher quality product that meets current building codes covered by your insurance company wouldnt you want the best products and installation possible?